rapid prototyping

Using 3D CAD Movement fully engineer and specify refined concept designs for prototyping.

This is a very detailed process that is similar in many ways to full production specification. There are differences, though, which are mainly due to prototyping techniques and resources.

Movement have partners in prototyping technology and services who are world class and internationally renowned for the quality and accuracy of their deliverables. Whether you need 1 off or 100 off – Movement can deliver.

Our prototypes are visually accurate, beautifully finished and fully functional prototypes. They look and function like the real thing! This is critical for accurate user feedback during verification tests.

Our clients experience a total hassle free prototyping service because we manage the entire process in a seamless manner that delivers exemplary prototypes.

We demand the utmost quality and cost effectiveness from our suppliers, they do not let us down and everything is controlled by our detailed Bill Of Materials (BOM) and supported with regular technical communications.

Complex prototypes will have many components and sub-assemblies. These will be assembled and debugged for assembly and functionality.

All design improvements will be recorded for implementation at the next stage. Perfectly functioning and robust prototypes are delivered to our clients to comprehensively deliver on all their verification requirements.