production specification

All 3D CAD files will be assessed for injection moulding and will have appropriate draft added and clearance & interference checks will be performed. The assembly methods will again be checked along with critical dimensions. Toolmaker specific requests will be considered and implemented where applicable. Final tolerance stack up calculations will be conducted.

2D engineering drawings will be prepared for all custom components. These drawings will have all key drawing views highlighting key dimensions. Movement will add production tolerances, critical fits, revision history, material specification and surface finish specification. 2D engineering drawings will be used as the definitive specification for the data contained in the 3D file.

A final master database of 2D & 3D CAD files for all components will be prepared and issued to the toolmaker.

This database will be maintained by Movement and updated accordingly as the tool design and manufacturing process progresses.

A comprehensive BOM will be created to accompany the CAD database and also be forwarded to the toolmaker. This spreadsheet has detailed individual component related information regarding surface texture, colour, material type and surface grade definition.