manufacturing management

During the production-tooling phase, Movement will provide ongoing liaison to the client and the sub-contractors chosen, answering any technical queries that will arise.

The tool design and production phase is the most important and it is crucial that it is produced by world class suppliers and managed by expert professionals. Cutting steel will only commence once the tooling design is signed off by Movement.

Movement will review all first production samples with the client when they become available, testing the quality and performance of each part against the production specification.

If a component needs to be modified, Movement will revise the 3D model and 2D drawing and re-issue it to the subcontractor concerned.

With most parts, and particularly in the case of moulded plastic parts and metal extrusions, it is normal to expect minor ‘tweaking’ of parts before full production, as some features cannot be accurately tested until a production sample becomes available.

During this phase, Movement will at all times maintain a fully updated production CAD database and BOM, so that any revisions to parts will be recorded and the revision history will be documented and therefore fully traceable.

If required Movement will also become your supplier not only for the tooling commission but also the supply of components or finished packaged product.

This service is in demand with our smaller clients as it takes much of the logistical headache out of what is already a very busy and stressful time. Leaving the client to concentrate on Regulatory and Marketing.